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Class Schedules

Beginning & Advanced Companion dates are the starting date of a 7 week series. If you choose a Monday class, you will come every Monday for 7 weeks. Other classes may be single date sessions or shorter than 7 weeks. I try to post any dates that may have cancellations ahead of time, but occasionally, cancellations do occur. Classes will be extended to cover any dates missed due to cancellations on my part.

(Dates subject to change)

3-6-23 Covid-19 Update:
At this time, I am no longer going to require proof of vaccinations or masking in classes. I would still hope that if you or a family member has been exposed to COVID, or you are feeling ill in any way, you will not attend class and risk spreading it to others.
If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask, you are welcome to continue doing so.

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Smart Paws Academy

Obedience Classes

Puppy & Companion Classes

Classes are held in the Smart Paws Academy training building in Oregon City. The building is enclosed, but not heated. Please dress appropriately for the weather. The surface is a dirt floor.

The Canine Body Language & Communication lecture information will be sent to clients with their paid registration on DVD or VHS. Clients may keep the DVD.


Let me know immediately if there is a problem with the DVD. Please call if you have any questions regarding the equipment, information or techniques shown in the DVD.

The first week of the series will now be a working class with your dog. Proof of vaccinations may be sent prior to or brought to the first class. No dogs will be permitted in class without this proof.   Please see Registration Information   regarding changes to the classes.

(If class is full, you will find WL next to the listing. WL = Waiting List)

Puppy Romper Room - 10 to 18* weeks old

*Puppies must start class prior to 14 weeks, larger puppies may not be able to continue past 16 weeks for the safety of smaller or younger pups

Classes held Monday evenings at 7:30 PM

Puppy Class structure is different from other classes. Please click here for details. Or to print the Application Form, click here!

Beginning Companion Obedience Classes - 4 mos. & up   - $175

Daytime classes:

Tuesday, May 21, 2024 at 10AM (Registrations must be postmarked by 5/11/24)

Tuesday July 9, 2024 at 10AM (Registrations must be postmarked by 6/28/24

Evening Classes:

Monday June 17, 2024 at 6:30PM (Registrations must be postmarked by 6/10/24)

Tuesday July 9, 2024 at 6:30PM (Registrations must be postmarked by 6/28/24


Advanced Companion Obedience Class - $130

Tuesday July 9, 2024 at 7:30PM (Registrations must be postmarked by 5/11/24)

Canine Good Citizen Class - $90

Four weeks- class, Fifth Week- Test, Prerequisite - Beginning Obedience


Play & Train

1 hour off leash play & distraction training

Prerequisite - Beginning Companion class or Instructor Approval, must be dog & people friendly, no toy or food guarding

Please call or email to register, Limited to 8 dogs


Wednesday Mornings at 10 AM

Other Dates as Space Allows

Out & About Training

1 hour sessions in a park or other public place

Working on attention around real life distractions, Prerequisite - Beginning Companion class or Instructor Approval, must be dog & people friendly

Please call or email to register

$25/ session

To Be Announced

Time & Location varies by number of dogs

Tune Up Training

To Be Announced


CPE Games Class - $100.00/ 4 weeks

To Be Announced

Introduction to Obstacles

Prerequisite - Beginning Companion class or Instructor Approval

7 weeks/$195 (includes a set of 6 practice weave poles and weave spacing guide. Students already owning weave poles can contact me for discounted class fee. )

(Dogs must be at least 5 mo. old, and have basic sit, down, stays, and good recall. No aggressive dogs or excessive barking allowed.) This class will be held at my Oregon City location, indoors.

A good recall on your dog is a must!

Thursday, June 20, 2024 at 11AM

Saturday, June 22, at 1PM

Other Levels of Agility Classes - $90/7weeks

Call for space availability and prerequisite requirements.

     ( If more interest in daytime classes, schedule can be reinstated.)

Wednesday 11:30AM Beginning/Novice,  Revolving class

Wednesday 6:30PM Beginning/Novice,  Revolving class

Wednesday 7:30PM - Beginning, Revolving class

Thursday 10AM - Beginning class, Revolving class 

Thursday 6:30 PM - Intermediate/Advanced class , Revolving class 

Thursday 7:30 PM - Intermediate class, Revolving class 

     Saturday 10:00 AM - Intermediate/Advanced, Revolving class

Saturday 11:00 AM - Novice/Beginning, Revolving class

Saturday 12:00 & 1PM - Intro class


Tracking Class  - $90/7 weeks

To Be Determined


(WL = Waiting List)

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