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The best time to start training your puppy is NOW!

Puppies start learning about their environment and make social connections very early. Providing safe and positive experiences can be a determining factor in your dog's future personality. The word "socialization" is used  a lot, but most people misunderstand the scope and importance of this critical time for a puppy. Simply having another dog in the household, or having children of your own, does not insure the pup will be safe with OTHER dogs or children. Critical socialization is between 3 and 13 weeks. Your dog's personality traits are beginning to form and may be set for life by 16 weeks old.


By starting into a puppy training program, we can identify any traits that are a risk and address them while the pup is still in the critical socialization phase. In addition, we teach the pup important lessons like bite inhibition, preventing resource guarding, teaching them to allow us to handle and restrain their body, etc.


What about vaccinations?

Yes, I know it is important to protect your pup against diseases. Your vet may suggest that a puppy class is a risk for your new pup.  While diseases are a risk, they are less a risk in a contained class as opposed to taking your dog for a walk down the street. Parvo is a highly contagious disease that affects pups more than older dogs. However, Parvo is ultimately treatable and few dogs die from Parvo if treated early. The possible behavior problems that can start in puppy hood may create lifelong issues, such as fear aggression or dog aggression. More dogs are put to sleep each year due to behavior problems than health issues. Even the American Veterinary Medical Association recommends starting early puppy classes.


We do require that pups have been vaccinated as is appropriate for their age, and continue with scheduled vaccinations. We disinfect the building with a bleach spray and suggest carrying pups from the car until their third Distemper/Parvo shot had been received.

Class Structure

Our new Revolving Puppy Romper Room class is structured to allow pups to join as soon as they are eligible instead of waiting for a set start date. Puppies can start as young as 10 weeks old. As long as it has started before it is 16 weeks old, a pup can continue to attend puppy class until it is 18 weeks old. This provides for new playmates to be joining class as we go, offering new socialization opportunities as well as new training distractions.

Classes held Monday evenings at 7:30 PM

Fee Structure:

$60 Application Fee:

This gets you the written Training Manual, Canine Communication DVD,

and two weeks of class

$10 Weekly Fee:

After your first two weeks, you pay $10 for each additional class you want to attend with your pup. You may prepay with your application fee, or pay as you go.


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